Pencil Button

Pencil: touch or drag to draw

Eraser Button

Eraser: touch or drag to erase

Line Button

Line: touch and drag to draw line

Shape Button

Shape: touch and drag to draw a rectangle (or circle)

Fill Button

Fill: touch to fill area with color, drag finger to preview

Magic Eraser Button

Magic Eraser: touch to erase continuous area, drag finger to preview

Select Button

Select: touch and drag to select, choose from Copy, Cut or Delete on release

Stamp Button

Stamp: touch and drag to place copied pixels

Move Button

Move: touch and drag to move all pixels

Eyedropper Button

Eyedropper: touch to set current color

Recenter Button

Recenter: reset image to fill the screen

Onion Skin Button

Onion Skin: choose a frame to view behind current view

Visibility ButtonInvisibility Button

Onion Visibility: toggle the onion skin on/off

Flip Button

Onion Flip: horizontally flip the current onion skin image

Clone Button

Onion Clone: pastes the current onion skin image into the empty pixels of current frame. Only available if onion skin and current frame are the same size.

Grid Button

Grid: toggles visibility of drawing grid

Repeat Button

Repeat: toggle showing current frame in preview repeated