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Sprite Something for Mac is now available!

Version 2.05 is live! What's new:

  • Fixed iOS 7 crash bug
  • (iPad) Changed Add/Edit forms to not dismiss on touch outside
  • (iPhone) Status bar removed when zooming in to give more drawing room
  • Tilemap shape tool works outside drawing area
  • Recenter button fixed when toolbar is on right


Sprite Something - Drawing Tools Walkthru (v1.31)

Sprite Something - Onion Skinning (v1.31)

Sprite Something 1.1


Download the Sprite Something Manual for iBooks (iPad only) or PDF.

Pixel Art made with Sprite Something

Warewolf via @rexbox

Illustrapedia via @retronator

Articles on Sprite Something

Ars Technica (v1.0)

GameSetWatch (v1.0)

Technabob (v1.0)

iPhones.ru (translate) (v1.0)


Available on the App Store

Sprite Something is also available for Mac


Sprite Something is a drawing, animation and tilemap application for pixel artists and game developers. Draw multiple frames individually, then quickly drag and drop frames into an animation, or use your frames to draw tilemaps for your game levels. Export your creations to PNG, animated GIF's and CSV files (tilemaps).

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  • create sprite sheets / tiles for use in games
  • edit frames individually and conveniently
  • animation: drag and drop animation frames
  • supports portrait and landscape views
  • pan/zoom editing image
  • iCloud - sync spritesheets, tilemaps and color palettes across your devices
  • Dropbox import/export
  • Photo Library import/export
  • add custom GIMP color palettes
  • RGB/HSB color select
  • scalable preview to see your pixel work at multiple sizes
  • onion skinning for easy tracing or cloning frame
  • Place photos behind editing area
  • Assignable three and four finger swipe gestures
  • add new or save out your drawings through iTunes file sharing [?]
  • Export via email
  • Individual frame export
  • GIF export: save gif previews of your animations
  • Generates Flixel and FlashPunk actionscript
  • Universal app, works on iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • iOS 5.0+ compatible
  • Optimized for Retina display (iPad & iPhone)

GIMP Palettes

You can add custom palettes to the color picker view by adding .gpl files through iTunes file sharing [?]. Below are some references for GIMP palettes:


  • Supports PNG files up to 512x512
  • Touch and hold to select color when using pencil, line or fill
  • On iPad, touch the current tool button to toggle visibility of the tool options
  • here is a list of the buttons with descriptions
  • Onion skin: press onion button once to set relative onion skin, twice for locked onion skin. Relative will maintain the frame difference between current frame and onion frame, Locked will stay on the same frame if you change current editing frame
  • retrieve images by connecting your device to iTunes, read more
  • add your own palettes by adding GIMP (gpl) files to the app
  • go to Settings to change the three and four finger swipes to your liking
  • to learn more about Flixel/FlashPunk, visit Flash Game Dojo

Report Bugs or Request Features

Click here for the current list of known bugs and planned features.
Sprite Something is made by just one guy, so help a guy out. Let me know if there are errors, or what could help make the app better. If reporting an error, please explain as best you can what is going wrong and what you are doing when it happens. Including image size and frame size will probably help.

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